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Twisted Felt Wool Rug

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The Twisted Felt Wool Rug is specifically designed to meet your interior design requirements for large and spacious rooms. The surface finishing and the colour combination would make the rug more suitable for an art gallery. Hence it is recommended for your drawing room. The calm and soothing effects can enhance the floor colour features. The recommended floor colour for the rug is pure white or dark wood. The other colours can be contrasting in nature to enhance the visual effects of the rug.

Twisted Felt Wool Rug – Exterior Design

The most elegant feature of the Twisted Felt Wool Rug is its external design. It looks to be flat and plain when you view it from a distance. But a closer look reveals the twisted design clearly. The artisans have used all their skills to shape the unique exterior design with the wool felt fiber pattern. This is one type of pattern which can create an illusion of million dots being woven to for a single piece of rug.

Twisted Felt Wool Rug – Construction

The construction pattern of the Twisted Felt Wool Rug starts from the core. You will be able to experience the thick pile density which provides maximum protection from cold elements during winter. The porous structure of the construction can allow smooth air flow during summer, keeping the floor cool. The alternate twists used in the construction makes the rug strong and stretchable in nature. Durability and ease of maintenance are some of the reliable features of the Twisted Felt Wool Rug.

A beautiful rug with a rich natural ivory shade. Made from wool and viscose, it gives this rug a thick and textured pile which can be an exceptional addition to the decor of your house.

Product Attribute
Artisanship Handwoven
Composition 70% Wool 30% Viscose Felt
Yarn/Fiber Wool
Fiber Pattern Wool Felt
Design Pattern Twisted
Area (in Square Foot) Available in four standard sizes of 23, 44, 65 & 129 sq foot. (For custom size please, contact us on '')

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