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Rope Wool Rug

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The specialty of Rope Wool Rug is the intricately spaced full beads designs on top of a flat rug surface. The artisans have used all their skills to create the honeycomb like structure on the upper layer. The rug is made of wool and viscose in the ratio of 85%:15%.

Rope Wool Rug – Visual Effects

The construction of the yarn has a great impact on the quality. This has a great impact on the weaving patterns and designs. The artisans have considered these aspects while crafting the design with simple hand tools.

  • Loops and Beads: - The repetition of loops and beads in the interior and exterior layers of the rug makes the construction dense. The artisan has skillfully embedded the beads so as to create uniform space for the “honey comb” formation. The formation of inner and outer loops with the pile height makes the rug strong, flexible and yet soft in nature.
  • Surface Finishing: - The overall surface finishing of the Rope Wool Rug is splendid, considering the intrinsic design patterns being made with hand tools. The artisans have eliminated all the surface unevenness with accurate shearing process.
  • Luster and Appeal: - The higher ratio of wool makes it possible to increase the luster during the dyeing process. Wool is able to absorb and retain the dye for many years without losing the luster. By using the brighter colours like white, brown heather and moderate colours like grey heather and grey solid, the artisans have created a vast range of options for you to choose from.

Bring a touch of elegance with this cushiony White Deluxe Rug. It's full bead pattern steals the show and gives you the desired comfort and relaxation after a hard day's work.

Product Attribute
Artisanship Handwoven
Composition 85% Wool 15% Viscose
Yarn/Fiber Wool
Fiber Pattern Looped
Design Pattern Full Beads
Area (in Square Foot) Available in four standard sizes of 23, 44, 65 & 129 sq foot. (For custom size please, contact us on '')

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