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Modern Layers Rug

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The multi coloured Modern Layers Rug is recommended for your bedroom and kids’ rooms for its ingenuously attractive appeals and design patterns. The Colour combinations used are the anthracite, taupe and silver. Interestingly the colours are repeated after specific number of weaves along the length of the rug by the elevated strips in the rug. The artisans have kept the plain weave simple and yet sophisticated in nature.

Modern Layers Rug – Parallel Design

The parallel design of the Modern Layers Rug might make you feel it is too classical in style. Choose this rug for the rooms with antique style furniture, naturally lit room, ambient lighting, dark wooden flooring and light interior paint.

The rug design and patterns are mostly matched with the surrounding furniture, fixture and the upholstery rather than the room size. This could be owing to the proximity of the two. You can choose any size furniture as long as they don’t overshadow the visibility of the rug.

Modern Layers Rug – Required Lighting

The lighting requirement for the Modern Layers Rug is bright white when the rug s used in study room or drawing room. For the living room you can opt for moderate ceiling embedded lamps whose brightness can be varied. For the bedroom you can opt for lamps with for one or all of the colour combination used in the rug.

Modern Layers Rug – Interior Décor

Make sure the rug dimension doesn’t exceed 1/4th the size of your room. Keep the rug at eh center to enhance the visual effects.

With a textured fibre pattern, this handmade woollen rug brings together a casual design of beauty and style comfortably. A designer favourite will make your home an attractive place.

Product Attribute
Artisanship Handmade
Composition 70% Wool 30% Viscose Felt
Yarn/Fiber Wool
Fiber Pattern Textured
Design Pattern Parallel
Area (in Square Foot) Available in four standard sizes of 23, 44, 65 & 129 sq foot. (For custom size please, contact us on 'info@deluxerugsncarpets.com')

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