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Loop Luxury Wool Rug

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The luxury factor in your home design and décor gets elevated to the pinnacle with Loop Luxury Wool Rug. One of the stunning colours of the rug is the Ivory Marled, which is known to create a sense of abstraction and natural decoration. The colour lightens the living environment within your home interiors when soft light is focused on it. The other attractive colors are cream, grey and charcoal. Every colour represents a unique style and generates exotic effects.

Loop Luxury Wool Rug – 100% Wool

The Loop Luxury Wool Rug has certain special characteristics since it is made of 100% wool. The yarn is smooth, soft and lustrous. The lopped weaving pattern creates a fine combination of coarseness and softness to give firm support to your feet.

Loop Luxury Wool Rug –Utility Features

The primary utility of the Loop Luxury Wool Rug is to provide warmth and insulation from the effects of climatic conditions on the floor. The loop weaving construction ensures maximum durability and flexibility.

The rug can trap the room heat in its layers and pass it onto your feet during winter. During summer it enables free air circulation due to its porous characters. The yarn absorbs sweat and moisture from your feet, keeping them hygienic and dry. Wool has the typical property of killing the allergens in your feet.

Loop Luxury Wool Rug – Aesthetic Features

The Loop Luxury Wool Rug is designed to enhance the interior décor aspects of your home. The rug design is streamlined to match the various types of lighting, furniture, upholstery, interior architecture and the colour combination used in the room.

Made from 100% wool, this rug gives your place a fashion edge. The trendy looped design and the cream Colour adjoins the visual appeal of the product.

Product Attribute
Artisanship Handwoven
Composition 100% Wool
Yarn/Fiber Wool
Fiber Pattern Looped
Design Pattern Looped
Area (in Square Foot) Available in four standard sizes of 23, 44, 65 & 129 sq foot. (For custom size please, contact us on '')

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