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Handtufted Bright Rug

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The design and construction of the Handtufted Bright Rug create infinite patterns and depths in the texture, carving and sizing. The unique processes of yarn preparation make it strong and flexible. The ground material is made from the combination of 50% wool and 50% viscose resulting in strong base for the tufting to happen. Then the artisans spread the base on a secure frame and start the tufting work. They may use different colour of dyed yarns made of wool and viscose. The tufting handgun is one of the commonly used tools by the artisans.

Handtufted Bright Rug – Tufted Colours

The Handtufted Bright Rug is available in blue, rust, lime green and brown heather. Every colour offers unique opportunities to be used in your home having variable interior design and décor. One of the best locations is the guest room with lightly shaded walls and ceiling. Wooden floor can enhance the aesthetic appeals of the rug, while the plain concrete floor with contrasting colour and shade enhances the virtual depth of the floor.

Handtufted Bright Rug – Design Dominance

The entire lopped fiber pattern is designed in the free fall mode. Handtufted procedure ensures zero knots all over the rug surface and the interiors. When the Handtufted Bright Rug is laid out on the floor, the design naturally dominates the entire interior design of your room. The rug is ideally recommended for rooms with light and dark shades of contrasting colour range. However the seamlessly integrate with every shade and interior design pattern.

Decadently rich in design, this handwoven rug is made from 100% wool. The softness of the pile adds to the rug's aesthetic appeal.

Product Attribute
Artisanship Handtufted
Composition 50% Wool 50% Viscose
Yarn/Fiber Wool
Fiber Pattern Looped
Design Pattern Free Fall
Area (in Square Foot) Available in four standard sizes of 23, 44, 65 & 129 sq foot. (For custom size please, contact us on '')

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